Brisbane Travel

A city that shines with i-candy.  I was invited to come overseas by my eldest brother, to Brisbane to come and see what all the hype is about.
Australia definitely is a place where you can feel the security.  You don’t feel intimidated by having to look over your shoulder.
My first week in Brisbane, it was fairly hotter than Durban.  As much as the climate is the same as Durban, the temps are moderately higher, along with humidity.
But you get use to it, and you sweat more. So take a spare t-shirt when roaming the streets of Brisbane.

Factors that hit you within the first couple hours of roaming. I noticed there is no judgement of the job title you hold. A job is a job. You are merely doing your service to the occupation you are in.
Whether you are cleaning the streets, cleaning the floors of a shopping centre, driving public transport or a construction worker.  We all have to live, others just live to the skill sets they have.
The roads are very speed controlled. One moment you could be doing the speed limit of 100km/hr and next there is signage up to drop right down to 60km/hr. And we had a good laugh, my first day we drove to Wivenhoe Dam, along the way, there were two cars in a ditch. Who know’s what they were doing. And then on the way back home there was a Nissan 350z also parked upside down in a ditch. So people still take chances. But they get nailed.

You definitely feel the culture shock to the way of life in Australia. For one, when you go shopping for your monthly or daily groceries. You can self service to scanning and paying for your purchases. Fuel stops are all self service. There is no pump attendant to serve you. I found that  food costs more there than here, if you doing the straight conversion. I was over there when the AUD to RAND was $1 dollar is R9.22. So that hurt a little. So I opted to rather do half day trips and eat at home. Other things to mention which are cheaper, even though us as South African’s know that our country is one which pays one of the highest premiums for data and airtime. Brisbane, I paid R296 for unlimited talk time, unlimited sms’s (if you still use that) 3gigs of DATA and 10gigs of cellular in-app video streaming services. You definitely will never get that here. 1gig of DATA here is R150. Another thing is internet is like how it run in America and UK unless you pay for fibre. Internet runs through your TV cable (coaxial cable) Which is 100mbit down/2mbit up and its uncapped.
On electricity services, there are way more people with solar panels on their roofs, putting power back into the grid gives you credit off your monthly bill. Bonus!

I didn’t get to socialize to much with the locals to find out their ways of living etc. But it seems everyone keeps to themselves. One thing I saw in the neighborhood where I was staying. There wasn’t kids playing in the streets. I think they are maybe driven by the addiction of technology and are glued to a cellphone screen or tablet.  Otherwise you  do see kids at the skateparks and park areas.

Australia really is something to think about for future perspective change. It really is a place where one can think fully about where they headed in life rather than to have a 60/40 on the thoughts of South Africa. Because here, things just are useless. And you are not safe anywhere. Reason I mentioned this is, when walking all over the place of the CBD, not once did I have to feel I was going to be mugged or hustled by the gear I was carrying in my bag. I would personally suggest to anyone who has never done an international trip, to travel either to Perth, Brisbane or Melbourne. It really does open up the ideas of if not why not. And this is what we are missing out on.
Who would have thought I would have been taking a train every morning. Sadly you don’t really want to take a train in Durban. JHB Guatrain would be ok ye because its controlled by a system that works. But enjoy the photos.

The places I went to while in Brisbane, Australia are : Wivenhoe Dam, Mount Nebo, Mount Cootha, Mount Tambourine, Toowoomba, StradBroke Island, Brisbane CDB, SouthBank, Shauncliffe, Raby’s Bay(Cleveland)